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Do you rarely do your homework on time or at all because you’re too busy catching up on your favorite TV show? Do you constantly feel tired and unaccomplished? If you said yes to any one of those questions, read on for some help.


Hi, I’m Yukan, and I used to say yes to all those questions. I was previously the biggest potato in town, I slacked off all day and I felt like a hot mess. But I have changed, I've become more self-satisfied as a person than before. In this article, I’ll share with you the ways I helped myself and how you can potentially help yourself too.




To stop becoming lazy, you must first accept the fact that you’re a slacker before you can start making that change. All I did before was lie on the sofa looking at my phone, I didn’t even do anything in particular; I just stared at the home screen. I frequently did my homework late at night too, I rarely slept for 8 hours straight. And I took naps during the day all the time to catch up on the sleep I missed during the night. My body felt like it had been hit by a train, and my head was just a complete mess.


During year 10 term two, my homework piled up and I needed more revision for IGCSE, I realized I was doing absolutely nothing to help myself. I sat down and decided to think; the more I looked back on what I’ve done, the more I realized that I did absolutely nothing with all that valuable time I have. Thinking of myself as lazy before was one thing, realizing that I could be so much more by doing just a little extra was a shotgun in the mouth - Kurt Cobain style moment. Since that day, I decided that I would actually do something, and I’m glad I did it.


Doing the small things.


I needed something to motivate me and get me going, so I started doing small and easy things, like tidying my desk or making my bed. This gave me some sense of achievement because I never really did anything like that before. These small actions made me realize how easy it was. It feels great to complete something, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.


I kept on doing it because I was doing something that was beneficial to me, and it felt great. It was a big change from being a couch potato to someone much more productive. By taking action, it made me see how easy it was to do it. Now I can clean the kitchen and sweep the house without complaint because I know that I’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment once I’m done with the chores.


Start a routine.


The best way to keep yourself going is with a routine. I started planning my days and weeks with what must be done (which are mostly work related things) and what I wanted to do. Sticking to a routine is hard, because it requires commitment (something I previously didn’t have). I added small slots of ‘lazy breaks’ where I could laze around to make things a little easier.


When I started doing the routine, I felt like I wanted to just sleep and forget about all my worries, it was just way too much dedication. But where will I go if I continue being a couch potato? So, while you’re trying to stick to your routine, think about the end result of how you will feel once you follow your routine.


Get rid of whatever distracts you.


I usually try to escape work by finding ways to distract myself. Using Facebook was a favorite pastime for me, and I’d scroll my never ending news feed instead of doing my homework. That was another big obstacle I needed to overcome, because I am one who gets very easily distracted. Cutting off all distractions were hard, but it must be done. So I unplugged the internet and put my phone away. Even then I’d try and do other stupid things like hopelessly stabbing an ant with my pen. The best way to end that, wasn’t to stop getting distracted, but to get distracted with healthier and more beneficial things, like playing my piano or guitar, or going for a walk in the park nearby.


Embracing failure.


Most people get demotivated to do something if they fail at it. Whenever I missed something in my routine because of something else that shows up or whenever I didn’t reach the daily goals I set for myself, I just felt like throwing the towel in the bag. However, I still pushed on, because at the end, it was worth it.


And finally,




Without the will and motivation to do something, you will definitely not get your tasks done. Choose something to motivate you, something that you can always focus on. Like self-health, your grades, or just this person you really like. Getting a friend to help you out will definitely boost your motivation. I started because I needed to get my grades in shape, they were slowly dropping and I was dumbstruck with how little I had to revise with for IGCSE. Personally, getting out of my lazy habits was the best thing I’ve ever done. I feel much better, and a lot healthier. It wasn’t that easy, because I’ve been lazy for too long. Although I still do laze around sometimes, and I’m still kind of fat, but I’m now a much more productive and self-satisfied person.


I hope this has helped or motivated you to become a better person. So start now, and do what must be done!

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