August 4, 2018



Hey there Tenbians!


Now before you think this is gonna be some cringy topic about building muscles, let me stop you there and tell you that this is something much more than that. Let me tell you that what you're about to read now would be the foundation that solidifies your success in all aspects of your life, and that begins with the symphonic clanging of the iron in the gym.


I started training since the age of eleven, thus making 2018 my seventh year of training. Yes, there comes many short lived joys of working out, such as drawing the attention of everyone each time you walk into a room due to the bigger biceps which is what most people want (don't miss leg day guys!) and as well as getting stronger. However throughout the years I've discovered that there is more to lifting weights than just looking good and that the lessons you learn in your fitness journey can be translated into everything you do in life.


I am aware that some of you reading this have taken a slight interest in enhancing your body composition with weights, and trust me when I say this and that is if you put the same discipline you put into the gym, into all your work and studies, you'd be the A* student you have always dreamed of becoming. If that same effort which you put into the diet, the rehab and mobility, the understanding of the many complexities that go into training and rest, you put into your professional life, you're bound for success!


To create that Greek god physique means you have to build up on your weaknesses. A good example would be the dreaded calves. That is an example of a small goal and success in the gym means conquering all the small goals you list down for yourself throughout the years. Now take that out into everything you do outside the gym and you would be unstoppable!


I'm sure all of you would understand when I say that each coming year brings about more hardships and heavy responsibilities, and coping with it can be a real tiring job, Sometimes you're bound to feel lost and even trapped. Now that is when your anchor steps in. One of the key components in making the world's most successful people what they are, is their anchor. An anchor is something that keeps you rooted to your ambition and will always be there for you to fall back on when times are rough. A good example would be hitting the weights. I like to start my day first thing with getting my training done because I would have accomplished one of my goals in that session. And that secures my mindset of the day for me to go and continue being successful in my studies and all my other responsibilities.


However with success comes setbacks. Whether it be our personal life or our work, it's bound to happen. Stay tight to your anchor. That anchor can be your outlet and go in and smash what you needed to do for that workout. Remind yourself why you started grinding and that success is still part of you because you are doing it right at that moment. Treat the gym not as a workout, but what you are going through, 200lbs will always be 200lbs. It doesn't change neither does it leave you hanging. That is an anchor as you can always rely on it. Find your anchor.


So with that, I'll leave you gangbusters to go continue crushing your goals. All the best and keep working those calves! #arnoldisnumerouno

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