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We’ve all been there - endlessly scrolling through Instagram and 9Gag, waiting for the next post, the next like. What a colossal, monumental waste of time! Why not, instead devote your limited time and attention span to feeding your brain mind food, engaging your thinking and enjoying yourself. “God forbid”, the cynic in you says.


Trust me, the more time you spend working out your brain, the better you’ll be feeling about yourself. The rush of productivity is the best high you can ever get. (Don’t do drugs, kids!) Below, I compiled a handy list of websites for you to get started. First hit’s free, the rest will cost you. Just kidding, they’re all free - forever!


Without further ado, I present Resources for the Resourceful: A List.



1. No Excuse List


Hey, the first item in this list links to another list! How meta. A list in a list.


This list lists popular and free e-learning sources on the web about all kinds of stuff: from cooking, to art, to academics.


List appears 7 times in noun and verb form in the above paragraphs. Irrelevant, but worth pointing out.



2. The Book of Life


The emotional intelligence section of Life’s syllabus that school often misses out, separated into different chapters.


It offers us insights into human nature, primarily in relationships and self-understanding, along with brief informative lessons on a wide variety of topics ranging from psychology, philosophy and history.


The Book of Life also has a Youtube channel, showcasing it’s articles in video form with a narrator that's so good you lose track of everything else to bask in his reassuring voice.



3. Mark Manson


A blogger based in New York who writes self-help articles on a monthly basis.


Manson has also written a New York Times bestseller: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life. Despite the potentially off-putting title, I found the book to be very memorable. I find myself applying the advice contained within its pages regularly.


Just like his blog posts, Manson doesn't hold anything back and instead tells it like it is.

“This is incredibly difficult. And you will regularly fail. But it is perhaps the only struggle in one’s life.” - Chapter 1, Don’t Try.



4. College Info Geek


A blog ran by Thomas Frank, with the ultimate goal of aiding students in their eternal pursuit for productivity. It offers articles on effective study methods, time management and the occasional podcast.


Although aimed for college students, much of the tips in the blog can be tweaked to apply to high school students as well.


Thomas is also the author of a free e-book: 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades. The book’s contents are self-explanatory, and Thomas presents his points in a well-written, easily understandable fashion.



5. Cal Newport


Another blog, courtesy of Cal Newport, a MIT Computer Science Professor. Centering on productivity, and the culture surrounding it.


The blog isn’t the real treasure here, it’s the books written by Newport. I highly recommend reading Deep Work (a difficult read, but worth it) and How To Become a Straight-A Student.


Both of these books offer great insight into how one is able to squeeze every drop of productivity out of one’s study sessions, all without spending an obscene amount of time doing it.



6. EduAdvisor


An invaluable resource for school leavers, this website provides a plethora of articles concerning higher education. From scholarship guides, to exam tips, and the icing on the cake? Beautifully illustrated course profiles, along with detailed career paths.


Even better, the site is home to multiple education counselors, that offer advice and help you get a different perspective on things. Did I mention they come free?



Lightning Round, Youtube Channel Edition: Ready, Set, Go!


7. TED Ed

Engaging your mind with videos concerning a wide range of subjects, from science to linguistics.


8. Kurzgesagt

Perfect mind food and eye candy for big dreamers and thinkers. Topics include science and the future of humanity.


9. CrashCourse

Informative and animated videos regarding a wide spectrum of subjects, from Physics to History.


10. CGP Grey

Interesting, well-researched videos on random yet interrelated issues. Excellent for productive YouTube binging.



There you have it, folks! I hope this list helps you find a new favourite website. Stay productive!




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