March 25, 2018



If I said that throughout the whole race I was running with non-stop adrenaline, and if I said that throughout the whole race I really didn't want to go home and just sleep and eat a hot bowl of Shin Ra Myun (my personal favourite), I would be lying. Except for that Shin Ra Myun part; that part was true.


So here is my experience at the 24-hour race 2018.  


Each team consists of 8 members - and mine had Iraa, Anjali, Chelsea, Sophia, Arissa, Takita, Nadira and me. I had attended the race last year which was held in IGB, but this time I was a team leader of a whole new team. Our text messages in our team group chat went from: constant repeated text messages, with no reply sometimes I might add, to trying and hoping that we would have enough money just to pass the bare minimum. In the end we managed to pull it off.


Once we actually neared the race location, however, I felt like adrenaline was running high and the nerves even higher. We got there and met up with our other team members, ran into a few of our friends from other teams and sooner or after we went off to line up to get our bibs and our little wristbands that help count your laps (can't remember what it was called). 


The race had finally started - while everyone there was looking ready as ever to start the race, I was standing there hoping that I would just run in the middle of the crowd so I wouldn't look as if I was really slow or anything. However, towards the end of the track I could feel my lack of stamina kicking in and my breath started to get heavier and heavier. But towards the very end I decided to sprint it just to get it over with and also because that's the only spot where people can see you run. So, I wanted my team to think I ran the whole thing. After my first run I had gone to get a free cup of 100 plus (and yes, they had unlimited but free cups of 100 plus).  


For the next few laps I didn’t really run that much (I mean if you would count the last few steps then I did run a little bit) since most of the time I had someone to walk the whole track with. Only at night I would run a little bit more since it was a lot cooler. Throughout the race they had food trucks open which sold stuff like Nasi Lemak, Milo and fried squid (the fried squid was honestly the best thing there). The food there was actually really good - if I could, I would eat it again. Though the food was just a little pricey but I guess you can't complain when you are given free 100 plus throughout.


In the middle of the night we had to change the track a few times but my personal favourite track out of all would probably be the indoor track - even though this was many of others' least favourite track. I don’t know why but I really enjoyed this one. The food trucks were all outside so we couldn’t really get to it throughout the whole night. It was nearing the end of the race and everyone had moved back outside and I was about to run my final lap. I went with two of my friends from different teams and once we were done I passed on my baton for the final time.  


Overall, I really enjoyed the race and I would really like to do it again next year but probably not as a team leader. I felt as though the atmosphere of everyone enjoying themselves really helped while you were in your tents to enjoy yourself. But especially having everyone that you are close to for 24 hours really just made it a much more memorable, exciting and just a much more fun experience. I would rate this year's 24 hour race a 10/10.



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