February 2, 2018



I was never really definite on my plans post-IGCSEs. To be honest, I never really gave it much thought. However, upon learning that I have been accepted into the ANU College, I was ecstatic. I’m Edgar, and this is the story about a collection of experiences which helped shape my journey to come, and I hope that it may be of some help to those of you reading who are still unclear. It is also the first piece of text I’ve written since my History paper back in June.



I doubt it’s uncommon that students still don’t know what they aspire to be at the end of secondary. In all honesty, it is still pretty early to make such a big decision. I too was in a blur of what to study next. For months I have been trying to figure out what I liked to do but that strategy wasn’t effective. It was frustrating as I knew that I would have to have at least some idea of what areas I would like to pursue. So I thought, “what don’t I like?” and a list of things got faxed to my head, and I could narrow out fields which complemented that list.




One of the options that appealed to me greatly was to be an auditor or a solicitor. I was really thrilled at the time because I thought that I had finally chosen an ambition. While waiting for my results, I decided to work part-time in a roofing company’s office where I could learn the organisation and the accounts of the company. It was a long month. Although it was a dull experience, it was an experience which made me realise something new, that I disliked the office life, and so the auditor plan was aborted.




Of course I also had to think of what programme I will take up next. This is where I had to be familiar with my strengths and weaknesses to come up with a decision. I would have loved to stay back for A-Levels at Tenby’s Sixth Form, which definitely isn’t the reason why you may sometimes see me visiting even though I’m out of school. However, IGCSEs made me understand that the idea of having one big exam at the end of the academic year means I only have one chance, which could be pretty overwhelming for me, and so I knew A-Levels might not be the best option for me.




Earlier this year, I also had applied to the United World College (UWC) as I was curious about the whole application process after hearing about it from my friends. Therefore, it took me by surprise when my initial application were accepted, especially since I only started filling them in 2 nights prior to the deadline. I made it past the individual interview too and I can promise you that it was a very challenging one. In the end, I just fell short at the third and final stage, the group interviews. However, I wasn’t too upset because I knew that I would not get this experience anywhere else and it will definitely help me in the future.




Australia for a long time had been the top destination for me. One of the major reasons is due to its flexible degree structures since I like exploring other interests as well. Australian Universities encourage students to delve into areas outside their fields of study, which was a concept that I relished. By this time, I had narrowed my lists and concluded that I have a deep interest in Science, particularly Earth Science. I was researching on universities one day and I came across the Australian National University. The fact that it is the highest ranked university in the country, and that it is one of the top schools in the world to study Geology, made me interested in their college and foundation programme, and so I applied.




I was overjoyed after hearing that I’ve been accepted after receiving the letter of offer. I knew that the next stage was to apply for a scholarship. For the scholarship application process for the college, I had to write a personal statement and go through an interview. Ms Lloyd had been a huge help in helping me with my personal statement. I had a good amount of confidence going into this one as I knew I could not possibly tremor more than I did back at the UWC interviews. In the end, it all paid off. Now, I’m due to start on the 11th of January and I’m just enjoying my last weeks here in Malaysia.




So this is the story of how taking many wrong and unexpected turns eventually took me down a route I am excited to embark on. And I hope that in some way, reading this helped give you some idea on what to do if you’re in a blur, be it work experience or making a list of likes and dislikes. If you ever need any advice on applications or help with options and choices, just drop a text and I’d be happy to help.

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