November 25, 2017


Student councillor. Is it just a position that you want on your Resume? Or an opportunity to improve school lifestyle for yourself and your peers?


What is a student councillor? Being a student councillor, means that you have been elected to be the voice of your peers. As a councillor, you may receive suggestions about certain areas of school to be improved or complaints that certain areas in school are lacking and to find ways to fix the issues presented. The student council also raises funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects and helping people in need.


Over my 4 years of being a student councillor, I can say with confidence that the time I spent over the many meetings, fundraising events and projects was not a waste of time. I learnt through many of my failures as a councillor. Either by failing to finish projects with the intended outcome or not voicing the views of my peers effectively. Through these failures and the guidance of my fellow councillors, I learnt that teamwork and collaboration can change the outcome of what seems like a futile situation. Without these lessons, the way in which I interact with others in a team would have been different and I would've been more reliant on myself even when teamwork is required.


By becoming a student councillor, you will be exposed to more opportunities in public speaking as the student body needs to be updated on upcoming fundraising events or projects which require active student participation. When I first started as a student councillor, I feared appearing in front of hundreds of people because I had stage fright. However, as I gradually attended more meetings and experienced it more, I feared the crowd less.


The role of a student councillor may not be for everyone as it gives you a large amount of responsibility, as you may be elected within the council to be the head of different committees or to lead a fundraising project. The level of responsibility can be intimidating at first but, with the support of your fellow councillors, you will learn to be efficient and effective when given different leadership roles with different tasks. Since the way in which you tackle problems will improve with experience. Also, the leadership and team building skills that you will obtain over the year of being a student councillor will be a huge advantage in achieving goals within your pursuit of education.


There are certain qualities and characteristics that people look for when electing a new student councillor as it presents them as most suitable for the role. Enthusiasm and optimism are key. Being positive and approachable is one of the many qualities which encourages students to collaborate with the Council. Without this, it may be difficult to communicate with students about various complaints and problems. The determination and passion that you portray when completing different projects and tasks are of utmost importance.


In the end, being a student councillor is an opportunity. An opportunity to expose yourself to different environments and obtain experiences. It is these experiences which ultimately makes the whole journey of being a councillor worthwhile. Don’t throw away this opportunity without trying it out. Try to participate in different projects and group discussions. Try to develop leadership and teambuilding skills. Try to help others and learn from mistakes. Just, Try.

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