The most powerful element of youth is that you don't have the life experience to know what can't be done
Adam Braun


Hi, Welcome to

We At Tenby


Tenby SEP’s one-stop platform for getting inspired, sharing experiences and unlocking your full potential.


Tenby SEP's one stop platform for getting inspired, sharing experiences and unlocking for potential. 


Wow, that's a bold statement but what exactly is this website about?

We must first tell you that we’ve built this website with two core values in mind: personal growth and contribution.


It all started with this quote by Robin Sharma, ‘You come into this world with nothing and you leave this world with nothing. The only thing you will leave behind is the impact you make’ 

The only thing you'll leave behind is the impact you make.

We’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.

Since then we’ve dedicated our lives to try to better the world around us, but we also realised we couldn’t do that without first trying to better ourselves. *Cue Ghandi’s famous quote: You are the change you wish to see in the world.*

So that’s how the idea of creating a centralised platform for youths to inspire, grow, lead, and pay it forward came about.

We At Tenby is a collection of shared experiences by our students in hopes to inspire more students to reach their full potential or better yet, connect them to people who can help them break their own boundaries.  

To the students at Tenby SEP, you are all here to do something extraordinary for the world. We all are. Spread your 'something extraordinary'. Let this be your stage to amplify your message to the world. 

The beauty of all of this is that it is essentially created by all of us, here at Tenby.

Bear with us here as we’ve got one laaaast thing to say: thank you. We are eternally grateful that you’ve made it this far so thank you, a million times.


We hope you’ll continue playing full out, expressing your genius and making the world better. Have a superb day!

With love,

Alesha & WanTing

(Founders of We At Tenby, Graduating Class of 2017)

PS: We’d LOVE to hear what you think of this website or how we can further improve it (I mean, we’re all about growth right?). Please let us know via the feedback box under the We Give tab, or message us on Facebook!




Cultivate a culture of contributing


We At Tenby also want to enable young leaders here in Tenby Setia Eco Park to share their experiences, advice, and knowledge with the younger years and peers. We want students to be able to inspire and motivate each other by sharing their achievements.


Promote personal growth and development


At this age and time, it is extremely critical that students learn the importance of self-development and practice exercises that allows them to reach their full potential and personal happiness and fulfillment. Even though we realise that students will take their own time in realising this, we hope that We At Tenby can be easily accessible at anytime for anyone.





December 21, 2018

I couldn't really care less about my studies when I was in school. I used to have this personal mindset that my parents could get me anywhere, or that I’ll become rich and famous just by auditioning. I let myself have an easy mindset so that I could get out of studying...

October 19, 2018

3 reasons you need to fail.

Failing is as natural as farting. I know, great analogy, but here’s the thing. There is a perception that failing, as with farting, is bad and embarrassing. Both cause you to want to, at times, curl into a ball and hide somewhere. This stigma...

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Hey! I’m Chris Phang from F5S in SST and I would like to share the spirit of competition which I've obtained from my prior experiences of competing in dozens of national and international tournaments. This is shared so that you can discover the keys to bring your A-gam...

September 18, 2018

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”.

For most of you, this may be a simple question with an answer you can probably provide in a heartbeat. Personally, I've always tried to avoid answering this question by simply responding with a shrug and a smile.

Hi, my name is...

August 23, 2018

Do you rarely do your homework on time or at all because you’re too busy catching up on your favorite TV show? Do you constantly feel tired and unaccomplished? If you said yes to any one of those questions, read on for some help.

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